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Glossary: Glossary of Terms

Natural Capital

Can be defined as the world's stocks of natural assets which includes soil, water, air, flora and fauna.


In the electromagnetic spectrum, near-infrared lies between red visible light and infrared. See also Infrared.


A programme of seven NASA missions of Earth Observation satellites, starting in 1964. Nimbus is Latin for rain cloud.


Noise in data is meaningless data or unexplained variation in data which might be due to instrument errors, corruption or other issues. Noise disguises and/or distorts the underlying data which make it harder to analyse, just as noisy environments make it more difficult to hear the sound on which you wish to focus.

Normal distribution

The normal distribution is used to model some continuous variables. It is a symmetrical bell shaped curve that is completely determined by two parameters. They are the distribution (or population) mean, μ, and the standard deviation, σ.

Numerical Variable

Refers to a variable whose possible values are numbers (as opposed to categories).