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  • Become a Beta Tester!
    Are you a research scientist, or someone who collects, handles or analyses data as part of your work? If so, we are looking for beta testers to help test the Data Tree course modules.
    • Who are we looking for?

      We are looking for people to join our beta tester group during late March and April. If you collect, manipulate or analyse data as part of your work or research, especially if you work in the environmental sciences, we are keen to get your feedback on the content being developed for Data Tree.

      What will a beta tester do?

      There will be a small set of modules available to beta testers. You'll be asked to go through the content for one such module, completing the materials as if you were taking it as a real student. At the end of the module, you'll be asked a few questions about the experience and asked to give your feedback about different aspects, including:

      • The level of the content (was it too easy / hard?)
      • How relevant the content was to you personally
      • How clearly the ideas were presented
      • Whether there were key issues that you feel were not covered
      We'll also ask a few questions about you so that we can better understand your responses.

      All questions will be optional, and responses given in the beta tester feedback survey will not be linked to your user account. No information will be shared with any group not directly involved in the development of the Data Tree course.

      What do you get in return?

      Development is still ongoing, and we still have over half the course content to fully develop and finalise. We are deliberately asking for testers at this easly stage because we want to make sure the course is as useful as possible. By becoming a beta tester, you will be able to influence the overall direction of the course development and help ensure it is directly relevant to people in your position.

      You will also get early access the final course and the option to receive development updates as we complete additional modules in the coming months

    • How to get involved?

      To become a beta tester, you first need to register on the site. If you have already done so, please sign in and then follow the link below to enrol as a Beta Tester. 

      To register on the site, click the button below.