Data Tree – taking root

From filming locations to animations, content for the new online data management training course – Data Tree – is already taking root.

Six free workshops for face-to-face feedback on the eight-module course are being scheduled around the UK, experts are being lined-up for interviews, graphics are being designed. 



 Rachel Mayes, IEA designer, works on an animation for the "research data lifecycle"

A survey inviting views from PhD students and early career researchers on the subject of research data management, data visualisation and communication to non-academic audiences has been launched this week. You can take part here. Your feedback will be used to inform development and delivery of the course.

We are excited to be working with Statistics for Sustainable Development, (Stats4SD) a not-for-profit social enterprise promoting better use of statistical methods for decision-making to benefit the environment and society. Dave Mills, a Data Engineer and online training consultant at Stats4SD, is helping develop the content. "It's an exciting and ambitious course", he commented. "Our aim is to help participants learn not only the 'what' or 'how' of good data management, but to understand the 'why'. And that takes you to the heart of what their research is for. Data can be an incredible resource, and knowing something about how others might engage with data you collect can really help researchers see the true value in their work."


News of our innovative approach is already spreading and in line with our commitment to guiding PhD students and early career researchers towards confident engagement with business and industry, we have appointed Reading-based C8 Consulting to work with us in promoting Data Tree.  Paula Elliott, MD of C8 Consulting, described Data Tree as ‘an exciting project with clear benefits for course participants and for research and industry in the UK overall’.  Paula adds: “The Data Tree course is engaging, closely tailored to its target audience and delivered by an outstanding group of experts.”


Funded by the National Productivity Investment Fund as part of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, Data Tree will provide free online training for environmental science PhD students and early career researchers in data management and in engaging with businesses, policy and the wider public.


Registration will open in early February, follow @_datatree on Twitter for the latest updates.


Read the press release:

The Institute for Environmental Analytics selects C8 Consulting to support launch of Data Tree

Last modified: Sunday, 21 January 2018, 3:51 PM