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Request for profile information
by Admin User - Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 10:02 AM

Dear Data Tree participants,

NERC are interested in understanding the demographics of Data Tree participants. This is so they can work to ensure they are reaching as broad an audience as possible with these training programmes.

As such, we would appreciate if you could spend just 1 minute of your time to update your user profile by completing the new “Additional Information” section. This part of your profile will remain private to you and NERC will only receive aggregated data from these profile fields.*

Completing these fields is entirely optional, but we would really appreciate it!

Kind regards,

Dave - Site Admin


*Note: We understand the desire for privacy and work to ensure no individual can be identified by the aggregated data before we pass it to NERC. For example, none of the profile fields will be linked, and categories in any field with fewer than 10 responses will be grouped together into an ‘other’ column, ensuring that there is no way to reverse engineer the aggregations to identify individuals.


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