Dublin Core

An initiative to create a digital "library card catalog" for the Web. Dublin Core is made up of 15 metadata elements that offer expanded cataloging information and improved document indexing for search engine programs. The 15 metadata elements used by Dublin Core are:

  • title (the name given the resource), 
  • creator (the person or organisation responsible for the content), 
  • subject (the topic covered), 
  • description (a textual outline of the content), 
  • publisher (those responsible for making the resource available), 
  • contributor (those who added to the content), 
  • date (when the resource was made available), 
  • type (a category for the content), 
  • format (how the resource is presented),
  • identifier (numerical identifier for the content such as a URL),
  • source (where the content originally derived from),
  • language (in what language the content is written), 
  • relation (how the content relates to other resources, for instance, if it is a chapter in a book), 
  • coverage (where the resource is physically located), 
  • rights (a link to a copyright notice).

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